Key Benefits

The Push Button Care™ wellness monitoring kit is a premium solution to staying safe and secure in your home with health vitals & sympoms tracking for optimizing your long term wellness.  This is a new path for independent seniors living with chronic conditions and approved by their physician to be activated for Remote Patient Monitoring services.  This wellness kit provides you a connected care solution to maintain your independence and gain the benefits and security of regular monthly health monitoring. Each Push Button Care wellness monitoring member is equipped with a blood pressure cuff, weight scale, pulse oximeter, fall detection pendant and communication hub for transmitting health vital signs and contacting the emergency response call center.

Pricing: $134.95 / Month

How Does it Work?

Works Nationwide. When assistance is required, the user simply pushes the help button

He or she will immediately be connected with an Emergency Response Operator via the device’s two-way speaker

The highly trained operator will determine and dispatch the appropriate responder– be it a caregiver, family member,
medical, police, or fire emergency responder.

Automatic Health Vitals Logging & Easy Sharing

This simple solution is perfect for anyone that needs to measure, document, and track health vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate (pulse), oxygen levels, and weight. We make it easy to follow your doctors orders if you have been asked to closely monitor your health information due to a new diagnosis, living with a chronic disease, or receiving adjustments to your medications. Each time you take a measurement it is automatically sent to the communication hub installed in your home and transmitted immediately to your online health and wellness record. Utilize our mobile app to access your personal health record and add and track additional health information and record symptoms and changes in condition.

The Push Button Care™ Wellness Kit include

This solution includes the following aging in place services plus health vitals wellness monitoring devices:

  • Remote Wellness Monitoring Devices (Blood Pressure, Weight, Oxygen Saturation)
  • Medical Alert System with Optional Fall Detection Pendant
  • Push Button Access to Emergency Response
  • Care Navigation Support After an Emergency Incident
  • Aging in Place Advisor
  • Family Caregiver Assistant – Bedside Assistance
  • Vitals and Symptoms Tracking through Mobile App
  • Online Health & Wellness Record to Share with Medical Staff
  • Monthly Health Vitals Review and Wellness Survey
  • Wellness Dashboard to Share with Family
  • Health & Wellness Guide
  • Chronic Condition Support
  • Home Safety Checklist
  • Preventive Care Reminders

Available Health Link Devices

The wellness monitoring devices included with the wellness kit:
  • Bluetooth Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Bluetooth Pulse oximeter
  • Bluetooth Standard Weight Scale, or
  • Bluetooth Large Capacity Weight Scale 550lbs

Pricing: $134.95

Setup and Shipping: $25.00
No Long-term Contract – Month to Month Plan