Our aging in place solutions bring technology and advanced support services directly into the home of our senior clients to deliver a comprehensive answer to safety, security, and wellness for seniors living in their own homes. Through our partnership with OverSightMD we offer three levels of aging in place support to meet your current and future needs.  Our clients get access to 24/7 support through the easy to use equipment we install in the home. Our team is always ready to deliver additional support through our trained professional caregivers.

24/7 Medical Alert & Fall Detection

Every aging in place clients receives a Medical Alert hub and a fall detection pendant. This connects you or your loved one to a 24/7 emergency response team and on-demand access to non-emergency care coordination support.  The wearable fall detection pendant notifies the emergency response team if a fall is detected. They will attempt to contact you and if unable to reach you an emergency response will be initiated. Falls are a leading cause of hospitalizations for elderly adults and a quick response from medical professionals reduces the potential for more serious issues.  With our aging in place solution you or your loved one is never alone if a fall in the home occurs.

Remote Wellness Monitoring

For seniors that are managing a chronic condition or multiple health concerns the OverSightMD remote wellness monitoring delivers a level of preventive health not offered by other homecare providers.  Available devices include a blood pressure cuff for measuring blood pressure and heart rate. A pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen levels. A glucometer to measure blood glucose levels and a weight scale and thermometer.  All of the health vitals devices automatically connect wirelessly to the medical alert hub and immediately transmit the data to the OverSightMD care management platform. The OverSightMD care team reviews the data as it is received and may initiate a follow up response to request you take an additional reading, ask some basic symptoms related questions, and provide preventive care advice as needed.

Physician Coordination & Mobile Doctor Visits

All of your health vitals that are recorded from the monitoring devices can be available for your physician.  The OverSightMD care team will provide updates to your physician’s office as necessary and help you coordinate visits when needed.  If you or your loved one is experiencing new symptoms or a change in condition and would like an urgent care visit, the care team can arrange a mobile doctor visit for individuals covered by Medicare.  The care team is their to be your healthcare support team and help navigate issues that may occur to ensure you are getting the care and attention you deserve.

On-Demand Caregiving

Our aging in place clients that need additional support can contact us directly to arrange a caregiver to support their activities of daily living.  Our trained professionals are ready to support your daily routine and can be dispatched to help on an as needed basis. Every client receives routine over the phone wellness assessments to discuss your current wellbeing.  You can always express any current needs during these wellness assessments and our caregiving specialist will follow up with you to discuss the right amount of additional support based on your needs.

Aging in Place Solutions

The three levels of Aging in Place solutions we offer through OverSightMD include the following.

SeniorOne Alert is the most advanced medical alert service in the country and designed to fit the needs of independent seniors with health or safety concerns.

SeniorOne Link is the optimal solution for seniors that want to maintain their health and independent by integrating remote wellness monitoring, advanced medical alert services, and a dedicated support team into their daily life.

SeniorOne Assist brings the conveniences of modern healthcare directly into the home through daily remote wellness monitoring, weekly nurse calls, mobile physician dispatch, and access to a 24/7 emergency support team.